Tuesday, February 4, 2014

In which Chic should probably get a proofreader...

Hello all! I'm making a very quick post today, since most of my day was spent running around and tiring myself out (although I did get material for at least two new posts)

An interesting little phenomenon came to my attention, as a frequent buyer of Chic nail polish. See, the polish is quite nice, good quality for it's price range, good spread of colors. But every ten bottles or so, I get a little surprise.

Sometimes the titles are just a little off or nonsensical, but technically they are still words:

can an extra space be a typo? or is it just a poor grasp of the english language?

each of those are indeed words. i'm just not sure what they have to do with one another

Sometimes they take a little bit of creative license with spelling:

a sexsy color for a sexsy girl

oh honey, no

And this one is my personal favorite:
y...you might want to see a doctor for that...

Anyway, this has been a short and sweat post, I hope you all have a lovely night!

(P.S. All of these pictures are slightly blue-shifted. I didn't realize until after but sitting down and editing the colors would somewhat defeat the purpose of a "quick post" so I shall leave it to your imaginations, and probably swatch these one day)


  1. LOL! Loved this post, great build up to the best one. :D

  2. Funny! I only have 3 Chic nail polishes and they have okay names, so I never noticed that :)

    1. :D I have a ton of them because at first those were the only ones I could afford- now I'm pretty fond of them!


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