Sunday, April 6, 2014

Swatched: Superficially Colorful Giggly

Hi everyone! Apologies for my accidental hiatus. But I've got a good post-hiatus comeback- thermal polish!

Say hello to the new indie polish in my life, Superficially Colorful:

I decided to try out a larger photo size today, mostly because I've been thinking about it for a while but also partly because this nail polish is SO PHOTOGENIC. It's amazingly easy to apply- two coats for opacity (although I used three for these swatches) and absolutely no topcoat needed. That shininess comes from the polish all on it's own, baby. I can totally see why Jin considers this her flagship polish- this makes me want to get more and more. The temperature sensitivity is perfect too- it sits exactly in the spot where most of the time it is purple (cold) at the tips and pink (warm) on the base of the nail, but it can go through surprise changes after a gust of wind or a little time in the sun. I wore these for a whole day (although not this swatch- you may have seen a preview on my instagram earlier last month) and I honestly could not stop looking at my hands. I spent the day with a friend, and she also kept grabbing my hands and staring at them in amazement.

Warm pictures:

Cold pictures:

All in all, I will definitely be buying more polishes from Jin in the future. Also, tune in soon, because I will be adding a bottle of Giggly to a prize pack in an upcoming giveaway!

Polishes from Superficially Colorful can be found at her website, international shipping available.

*Disclaimer- this polish was provided to me as a sample for my unbiased review


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