Wednesday, April 30, 2014

NOTD: Lavababy

Today's NOTD is a little unusual, but I'm hoping to do more like it in the future.

Since I was just a wee baby newbie on tumblr, I've been following a fanartist who's style I completely adore, called flatbear. She's a fellow geek and she even works in a comic book shop- living the dream! So I made a manicure based on one of her original characters, Lavababy. (the art is with permission but I didn't ask her if I could put a  photo in the post, so this is a link to the image I used for most of my references). I teased this earlier today on instagram with the right hand designs, which were much simpler.


My index finger is her dress, my middle finger is her hair (although I may have gone overboard with the flamey bits), my ring finger is her face and her little sideways smile, and my pinky is a kind of abstract of the arm and leg bands she wears. I hope that you like it! This is done entirely in polish, no acrylic paint. Mainly because I didn't have the right colors.

Fun fact: The brown I used for Lavababy's face is chocolate scented!

For the right hand (and the thumb on my left) I went abstractly lava-ish with a black crackle over a gradient base. Do people still use crackle? I miss crackle. Let's bring it back.

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