Saturday, January 26, 2013


So, does anyone remember a while back I mentioned that I got a video camera and I wanted to start doing a vlog? Well, I made one!

When I first thought about doing vlogs, I had no idea what kind of theme I wanted. I knew that I definitely wanted to incorporate harp videos, but it didn't have to be a central focus. Once I started pursuing a diagnosis, I realized that having an adult voice on the internet for motivational disorders was a pretty important goal. There are so many of us out there, and not many people to speak for us. So here I am.

The video speaks for itself (literally!) so I don't have much to add, but a few general questions are in order:

How often do you guys think I should try to update? Should I even have any kind of rigid schedule, or should I just post when I have something to say?
What topics do you want me to talk about?
What things should I put up to decorate my wall? (I don't have any posters, so I'm really open to suggestions)
Is this the kind of thing you would watch on a regular basis?

Thanks for watching!

I also put up a nail art post today, you can find it over here :)


  1. Leaaah!

    I found this and I watched this and damn, in fact I never really thought of lack of motivation as a clinical disorder. Procrastination always sounded somewhat milder.

    But... you know, the things you said in this video, I really can relate a lot. I'm 27, still living with my parents, didn't have a position with career growth so far, and I'm single while many of my friends are married or at least have/had meaningful relationships in their lives. Ugh... This was pretty much a (yet another) wake-up call for me.

    As for the questions you had there:
    Me personally, I hate schedules and routines. IMO, it kills the fun from actually doing it. Sharing random things whenever you feel like it, that works quite well for me.

    Whatever topic you choose, that's definitely the kind of thing I'd watch. I really enjoyed this vlog.

    And last but not least, here's some inspiration for your wall :)

    PS I just love your English, js.

    1. Thank you! Wow, I'm so glad you watched my video <3 You know, your videos get a lot of views anyway, maybe you should be a youtube partner! It might not bring in a ton of money, but it definitely would have some impact. Especially if you keep releasing amazing videos!

      And it's really encouraging that you'd want to keep watching my stuff :D I'll post them to tumblr as I make them...

      The video was adorable! I've seen some of Charlie's work, I might go on an archive binge some time soon.

  2. Ah, sorry, I've just read this >___<

    Oh, it's actually the first time I heard about Youtube Partners. You think it's worth a go? Cause well, it's not that I'm using my videos commercially. I can't say I got it figured out completely, this whole thing.

    And yes, I'll definitely be watching your next ones! And I'm not saying this just because you're my friend. I genuinely enjoyed this first video so... keep them coming, and I hope that these videos can help you through as well as the support of the others. I'm happy you got that response on tumblr <3

    PS Cooking with Charlie and his music are my favourites :')

    1. I definitely think it's worth a go! I think you shouldn't rely on me for info though- do a little research maybe. If it looks like a viable option for you, you could definitely male some money. Maybe not a lot, but something to help fund the production costs (and compensate a bit for all the time and effort and love you've put in?)


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