Friday, July 19, 2013

Coming up next: ICON

We interrupt your regularly scheduled nail art to bring you some other nail art!

I actually have a few other posts queued up with photos from earlier, but I wanted to share this right away: My logo for this year's Icon! It's going to be on their website, I'll put a link on here once it's up.

I sized this one much smaller than usual, for two reasons: One, it hides the bumps and flaws in the nails, and two, this is approximately the size it'll be on the con website.

So what do you think?

Also: I got my bornprettystore order!!! I already have an NOTD queued up, although a few other things come first. In the meantime, I've drawn the batman logo with one of the products from the order, and the TARDIS and the Starfleet Insignia are both done with acrylic brushes from the order as well.

Also: newly shaped nails! They've finally gotten long enough to be shaped once more. Happy!

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