Tuesday, July 16, 2013

NOTD: Galaxy nails

Happy 50th post!

Today I tried galaxy nails for the first time, or at least the first attempt that was worth posting pictures for:

My thoughts? I used wayyyyyyyy too much glitter. Definitely have to tone down the bling next time, it barely looks like a galaxy. Other than that, I really enjoyed wearing this look.

Colors used:
WOW cosmetics- 393 (black cream)
Chic- Sexsy Emerald (yes that is how it's spelled, what can ya do- Israeli polish!) (turquoise)
Chic- Purple Rain
OPI- Pirouette My Whistle
Color Club- Magic Attraction (this is the one I should probably have skipped)
Essence- Hello Holo


  1. I have wow 434 and it's a shimmery blue! How weird is that? It's not the first time I hear about 2 different shades with the same number at wow cosmetics
    It also happend with #363

    1. Ah, you're right! It's supposed to be 393, I somehow got them mixed up. My 434 is a blue/teal shimmer in a black base, although it *is* almost black.

      Even if they're not the most consistent with numbering, I'm pretty happy with WOW polishes though! They're amazing for the price.

    2. I really like them two, great range and excellent prices


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