Thursday, July 11, 2013

Seriously intimidating

Feel free to ignore this post, it's basically just me whining

It's been over a week since I updated. And this isn't even a photo post!

I need to get a new camera- I've been using my flatmate's camera, and I'm hesitant to bring it to work, which is the only way I'd be able to take photos in sunlight. Hopefully I'll be able to make a proper photo post tomorrow, since it's the weekend. I'll try to take enough photos that I'll have stuff to post all week.

But oh my GOD am I feeling insecure lately. I've been trying to make forays into the world of Israeli polish bloggers, but while my spoken Hebrew is fine, my reading/writing level is... not enough to feel comfortable. So I keep avoiding the all-Hebrew blogs. I should really read more, and I should really be making my posts both in Hebrew and English, but I've been procrastinating on it.

There's all of these quality blogs with their quality photos and quality products and I just... don't think I can compete? I know I made this blog basically for my own enjoyment, and it's not like it's a chore (not at all!) but I want to be consistent and I want to be good at it.

Should I expand the blog? If it's just text updates it's much easier for me, even if there's more content involved. Should I start writing about life stuff and opinions and things? Somehow I don't really see that meshing with this style blog. Maybe I'll open a parallel blog...

When can my ADHD go away already?



  1. write about whatever you like and please don't think of it as a competition :)
    It's a fun hobby for all of us. And perhaps if you write in Hebrew you'll improve your language skills :)

    1. Oh, thank you for reading my blog <3

      I guess it's not so much that I see it as a competition, I just see how good everyone's blogs are and I feel like my quality doesn't hold up. I definitely don't think of myself as "against" anyone!

      But I do think that soon I'm going to try writing my posts in Hebrew and in English :)


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