Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Liebster Award!

Wheeeeeee! I got sent this, not once but twice by two blogs I found over #31DC2013. I'm incredibly flattered! Especially since to my knowledge only like four people followed me before I began the challenge.

I was awarded this by Nailpolish in my Eyes and ALIQUID. (I didn't even realize they knew I existed!)

This award exists to draw attention to new and unknown bloggers, because us little people deserve some love too :) You have to have under 200 followers to qualify (so I qualify by a nice wide margin, huh!)

This got kind of long, so the rest goes under a cut.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Quick Update:

Regarding the last bit of 31DC, I'll have a last post up soon with all the days I need to catch up on. I've had a crazy time keeping  up because of the combination of holiday + new (violent) cat + convention. I'm going to do a convention post too!

I hit a snag- one of my nails broke off all the way down to the end of the free edge, so I am now back down to nubs. It's much harder to do art on these :( I have my pattern and my flag themed art ready, I just need to do the tutorial and the honor nails one.

Han also has a bunch of photos for me, so I'm gonna do her stuff in a separate post. She's also thinking of starting her own blog, and I'm going to enable the heck out of her :D
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