Sunday, June 29, 2014

NOTD: Multichrome Water Marble

Since I recently got a whole giant nail mail from ILNP, what could I do but water marble them all together?

I know that my cleanup leaves a lot to be desired but I wanted to share it anyway :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Swatched: Chic Sinful Tops

I missed day seven, wah! I guess an entire week was a bit much to expect with no prep. No worries, I'm gonna try to keep things at a 2x-3x times per week rate for the forseeable future. That said, on with the post!

Chic has really been stepping up their game! They just released a collection of twelve polishes called Sinful Tops, and they're quite a mix. The're really three mini-collections of four put together, but Chic has been doing things in twelves lately, so I get wanting to keep up the pattern. I have all twelve, and I will be splitting the collection into three sets, according to type.

Click through the readmore to see detailed reviews for each one!

Friday, June 20, 2014

NOTD: White flowers on burgundy

I love when I find a way to make nail art that looks sophisticated but also takes almost no time. I didn't really know where I was going with this manicure, I just new that I wanted to use my new Golden Rose burgundy polish (which probably had a number but I forgot it), and I was feeling lazy about picking a contrasting color. So I just went with white, the match-everything color, and turns out it was a good choice!

Six posts in six days, and I already know what I'm posting Saturday night. I think I did it!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

NOTD: Well, teeeeeechnically...

...I'm late. But it's still Thursday somewhere, right? I think this counts as a success. Two more days to go and I'll have completed my self challenge!

I actually posted this over on my instagram a couple of days ago, but the next nail art I have is something I want to dedicate a bit more time to, so I'm gonna post this now. Most of you guys don't follow me on instagram anyway ;)

So how do you like this new pose? I keed, I keed. Blogspot keeps glitching and posting my stuff upside down, but since people do actually pose like this and it looks just fine, I don't have the energy to fight with blogspot formatting to fix my photo orientation.

Anyway, it's almost 1 AM, so have a good night!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Swatched: Ga-de new liquid sands

I ducked into a pharmacy today while I was waiting for a bus, and I found a surprise! Two new liquid sands from Ga-de, and I really love them! They're both a bit of a step away from Gade's previous formula on liqiud sand, which has been a single color with a gold or silver shimmer.

They also debuted a new brush with these! The brush on this is a curved fan, kind of similar to the Essie brush. Personally I like it better, since it's shaped almost perfectly to my nail, although I know that not everyone will like it. (ETA: Apparently they also had this brush in their black liquid sand, but I failed to notice. Still fairly new though!)

Have a look!:

Teal Sugar (58)

Teal Sand is the first true cream liquid sand from Ga-De, and it's gorgeous! The color came out a little weird in some of the photos, but the sunlight picture (the middle one) is dead on. As for the texture and application, it's mostly like the rest of Ga-de's liquid sands- easy to work with, opaque in two coats (nearly one!), dries quickly.

Twinkling Sugar (57)

Blurred to show off the sparkle

Twinkling Sand is a super complex shimmer, kind of reminiscent of a collection I swatched aaaages ago, although they didn't have a shade exactly like this, it does kind of have the same combination scheme. It's mainly a teal based polish, with flashes of gold and green and blue and even the occasional pink. This one is a little more sheer, needing at least two coats for opacity. It would definitely need three on longer nails. Still, it's not super thick, even considering that it's a liquid sand, so three coats aren't a big deal. It's sooooo shiny! Did I mention how shiny it is? Because it's SUPER SHINY.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

NOTD: Holo flowers

Day three here I am!

I actually posted this mani on Instagram last week, but I have a bunch of really nice close-ups so I'd like to showcase it. I created this look using only a dotting tool- it's sort of a vaguely dry-marbled thing that got a little out of hand, but I really like how it came out in the end!

I'm not sure why they came out upside down, but since it's floral art it doesn't really matter all that much. Plus, this way the label on the bottle is facing up!

Polishes used:
ILNP A Fresh Evergreen
Pupa Green Holo
Pupa Violet holo
Color Club Wild At Heart

Monday, June 16, 2014

NOTD: Slapdash skittles

Day two, just under the wire!

This is my manicure from yesterday- I actually didn't intend for it to be nail art, but it was simple and I balked at leaving my nails plain at the last second. Also, I forgot I wasn't using seche vite and went to sleep too soon, so that little bit of "texture" there? That's pillow wrinkles. Whoops!

(And since I put this off till the last second no watermarks right now. Hopefully I'll remember to edit them in later!)

I used ANNY Blue Bikini Girl and Flormar Satin Matte Skyeblue to create this look. Nothing besides a simple fine brush.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

NOTD: Multichrome and studs

This is a fairly simple manicure I did a little while ago, using metallic Caviar beads as studs. Oddly enough, the caviar beads were vivid purple, but I guess the topcoat dissolved the color or something. Either way, I put them over a stunning multichrome I got from Polish Me Silly called Love the Hue. I'm not normally so great at capturing color shift, but I think I did these justice for a change.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

NOTD: Tiny astronaut

In my recent MoYou haul, I got a couple of their sci-fi plates, and one of the is simply too cute for words. I also got some star shaped rhinestones, so I figured a teeny astronaut and teeny stars would be perfect together!

Aren't they cute??? For the base color I used Chic's True Blue, from their summer 2014 collection. It's an impressively opaque pale periwinkle- I used two coats, but I might have gotten away with one! That's pretty rare for something so pale.
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