Saturday, December 28, 2013

NOTD: Interview Nails 3- Son of the Interview

Another day, another interview. Job hunting can be exhausting, especially since I don't get to buy any new polish until I have a salary once again. As sad as it is, groceries and rent are more important than buying nail polish (but only by a little).

This one was for yet a third company, with an interesting twist- this would only be part time. If I got this, I'd probably just barely make enough to get by, so I wouldn't have to get another job, but I might. I might not, because something cool occurred to me if I get an offer for this one. I could use the extra time to get certified as a nail tech! Then I'd A- be an expert on nails and probably pick up tons of new skills I couldn't even imagine, and B- I'd have a viable alternate source of income, in case working in the high tech industry doesn't work out in the long run. I guess we'll see if/when I get this job.

Polishes used:
Orly- Au Champagne (base color)
Chic- White Flag
GA-DE- Black Orchid
Dalia- medium grey

This one is a little festive, because the interview was actually on Christmas (you see what I mean about people not even noticing it here? It's just a regular business day!). Later on I took it off and put on the Christmas Nails I posted a little bit back.

You know what's odd? In both of the previous interviews, there was a lady interviewer, but neither of them noticed my nails. In this interview it was a man, and he did notice them! Funny how these things work out.

Friday, December 27, 2013

NOTD: Interview nails 2- The Journey Continues

Indeed, I am still on the hunt for a new job. The first place I interviewed did not work out, sadly, but I landed this interview and got super excited- they are a great looking company, and not too far from where I live, either! For this one I water marbled, although it once again went unnoticed.

The base colors are all various purple shades from WOW, so I'm not going to list them by number (unless someone asks). To get the shimmer on top, I put a drop of Color Club Wild At Heart on the water and let it spread very thin, and then put all of my already marbled nails in at once. The result was a nice subtle top coat, and I'm definitely going to be using this technique a lot! I'd kept thinking of trying it and then forgetting, but this opportunity practically offered itself to me on a silver platter.

I actually got called up today to go in for the second interview for this place, so fingers crossed that it'll work out!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

NOTD: Christmas nails!

Merry belated Christmas everybody! I don't celebrate it, and it's not even really noticed in Israel, but the internet's been so festive lately that I couldn't resist.

Pinky: Orly Au Champagne with Konad stamping polish and BM Plate 205
Ring: Orly Meet Me Under the Mistletoe with China Glaze Twinkle Lights
Middle: same as pinky, but with BM plate 208 and a dotting tool
Index finger: Golden Rose 122 (from the Jolly Jewels collection) with China Glaze Twinkle Lights
Thumb: a poor attempt at candy cane stripes where I was too lazy to get up to get my striping brush so I used the bottle brush. Hence not taking a photo of it :P

Last year I also did Christmas nails, it was what I have on my ring finger but on the entire hand.

I have newly short nails, because I just recently went to do some work in a recording studio! And in order to play the harp, I need short nails. There were plenty of pictures taken, so hopefully when they finally remember to send them along I'll make a blog post about it.

I also had two more job interviews (one on Christmas!) so I'm queuing up two more Interview nail posts as well

I hope your holiday was fun and you have a great new year!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Swatched: Maybelline Colorama Polka Dots collection

Maybelline Colorama is a funny animal around here. They're found in most pharmacies at reasonable prices, but virtually every pharmacy has a different range of colors. It actually took three different pharmacies to track down this set- I didn't do it consciously, I just compulsively buy this kind of polish. And as long as I have them, I might as well swatch them!

Without further ado, allow me to present you with:

okay so bottle shots aren't my forte shhhhhhh
For 200, 201, and 202, each shot has three coats alone on my ring finger and pinky, and two coats over a similar base on my index and middle fingers.

Swatches and reviews under the cut!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

NOTD: Interview Nails

It seems my life has decided to continue being... interesting. My health has more or less evened out, thankfully, but now my company has closed *weary smile*. On the bright side, being back on the job market means more time for blogging! Last Wednesday I had my first job interview, and the company looks really great, so I hope I get it. Can't say I have any idea how I did, but I think I'll at least get a second interview. Wish me luck!

Figuring out what to wear on my nails to interviews is always tricky. Do you go for something mature and conservative, so you look professional? Or do you go for something interesting and unusual, so you possibly have a conversation starter to help forge a personal connection with the interviewer?

I decided to go for a compromise, a simple blue gradient that matched my shirt so it looked put-together, but blue isn't a color you see every day, and neither are gradients. The interviewers didn't notice in the end, but there's always second interview to look forward to! I confess, after the interview I had a busy day and ended up chipping my polish before I could photograph it, so this is a recreation.

Colors Used:  (top to bottom)
Perfect Chic - Out of the Blue
GA-DE - Dazzling Cobalt
GA-DE - Blue Blood

This may actually be my favorite gradient ever. It's definitely the most gradual color transition I've ever managed! I will probably adopt this idea into later designs.

Once the interview was over, I decided to spice it up with some stamping and glitter. The glitter may have been too much, but overall I like how it turned out:

For the stamping I used the Konad blue polish and a design from the QA27 plate which I bought from the Born Pretty Store. The black and white is from the Maybelline Polka Dots collection, all four of which I have swatched for my next post. (yay planning ahead! Haven't done that in a while.)

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