Tuesday, June 23, 2015

NOTD: Summery freehand geometric doodles

I haven't done a full manicure of just freehand painting (no stamps, tricks, striping tape, or any techniques) in a while, so it was time to do one! And since it's been crazy hot lately, it needed to be in bright, summery colors. I went into these nails with absolutely no plan in mind and I'm actually pretty pleased with how they turned out! I could have done better cleanup, but honestly the end result is so pretty that I didn't even mind my questionable cuticles. I kept this on for nearly a week, which for me is about a thousand years in nail polish time.

I also took pictures of my right hand, which is unusual! Obviously I couldn't draw anything nearly this precise with my non-dominant hand, so instead I used the same set of colors to do a striping tape thing with some spiraly things from eBay.

Polishes used:
Ga-de Purple Paradise
Ga-de Mint Green
Ga-de Peach Sorbet

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sinful Colors + GoldNails summer collection

Recently Sinful Colors released a new bright, summery collection in collaboration with Goldi from GoldNails, and they sent me a few nail polishes to review and create some designs with. I am very excited to show them to you here!

לאחרונה, סינפול קולורס הוציאו קולקצית לקים בהירה וקיצית בשיתוף פעולה אם גולדי מ-GoldNails, ושלחו לי חלק מהלקים לסקור ולהכין איתם נייל ארט קייצי. אני מתה להראו לכן מה הכנתי!

In this post I have swatched each of the three colors I was sent, plus three different nail designs, each on a different base.

בפוסט הזה עשיתי סוואצ'ים לכל שלושת הלקים שנשלחו אלי, פלוס שלושה נייל ארטים- כל אחד על בסיס אחר.


Cinderella is a soft blue cream polish with a hidden pink shimmer. What a perfect name for this polish! This color is perfectly reminiscent of Cinderella's beautiful blue ball gown from the classic Disney movie. The shimmer doesn't change the overall color, but it adds a softness and a magical tone to the look. I used four coats for this swatch.

Cinderella זה לק תכלת אם גימור קרמי עם שימר ורוד עדין. איזה שם מושלם לצבע הזה, נכון? זה בדיוק מזכיר את השמלה המהממת שסינדרלה לבשה בסרט דיסני הקלאסי. השימר לא משנה את הצבע עצמו, אלא מוסיפ לו גימור רך ועדין וקסמי. בתמונות האלה אני מרחתי 4 שכבות.

Easy Going:

Easy Going is another very soft shade, this time a pale nude/pink color that is almost white. I can see why it's called Easy Going, this is a very laid back and easy to wear polish. It's a great base for nail art, too! This polish applied very streaky at first, but after three coats and top coat it is smooth and even.

Easy Going זה גם צבע מאוד עדין, הפעם ניוד/ורוד שכמעט לבן. גם ללק הזה יש שם מאוד מתאים לצבע שלו- זה צבע שממש קל ללבוש אותו, הוא נטרלי אך לא משעמם בכלל. בשכבה הראשונה הלק הזה יצא מאוד לא אחיד, אבל שמתי שלוש שכבות והוא קיבל מראה אחיד ומבריק.

Boogie Nights:

Boogie Nights is a bright, cheerful cream/jelly hybrid which is almost but not quite red. I can't quite call this orange either, I don't really know how to describe it! This one is definitely my favorite nail polish of all three, it's so energetic! I used three coats for this swatch.

Boogie Nights הוא צבע זוהר ושמח, עם גימור קרמי/ג'לי ממש מיוחד. הוא יושב על קו התפר בין אדום וכתום, כך שאני לא ממש יודעת איזה מהם להגדיר אותו! הצבע הזה הוא בהחלט האהוב עלי ביותר מבין שלושתם, הוא ממש אנרגטי ומרענן! בתמונות האלה שמתי שלוש שכבות.

Now for the nail art!
ועכשיו לנייל ארט!

I created this look with a dotting tool, but it can also be recreated with a toothpick or a bobby pin.
את הלוק הזה הכנית עם כלי מנקד, אבל אפשר להכין אותו אפקט אם קיסם שיניים או סיכת סבתא.

I created this look using striping tape as guidelines, but regular tape will work as guidelines too- just be sure the nail polish underneath is 100% dry before applying it.
את הלוק הזה הכנתי עם סלוטייפ שמיוחד ללקים, אבל אפשר גם עם סלוטייפ רגיל. רק ממש חשוב לוודא שהלק 100% יבש לפני ששמים עליו סלוטייפ!

I created this look using the water spotting technique. There are many tutorials for this technique and I am not sure where it originated, but I will briefly describe it: Place a few drops nail polish on the surface of a cup of water and let them spread out for a couple of seconds. Then spray the surface of the water with a mist of cosmetic alcohol or hairspray. The nail poilsh will begin to bubble and split, and in a few more seconds it will look the way it does on my nails. Then you dip your fingers into the water, so that the pattern is transferred on to your nails. It is quite easy to do, although it's pretty messy.

את הלוק הזה הכנתי עם טכניקת "Water Spotting". יש הרבה טיוטוריאלים לזה, אבל אני אסביר בקצרה: לוקחים כוס מים (כדאי בחד-פעמי) ומניחים עליו כמה טיפות לק. אחרי כמה שניות הלק יתפזר על משטח המים. משפריצים קצת אלכוהול קוסמטי או ספריי לשיער עליו, ומייד הלק יתחיל לבעבע ולהתפרק בצורות שנראות כמו מה שיש בתמונות כאן, טובלים את הציפורניים בתוך הכוס, והלק נדבק לציפורניים. זה ממש קל לעשות, אבל עושה המון בלגן!

Sinful colors can be purchased at Superpharm branches all over Israel, and it usually costs between 10-15 shekel per bottle. They have a lot of beautiful colors, and they are very affordable, go check them out!

ניתן להשיג סונפון קולורס בסניפי סופרפארם ברחבי הארץ, בדרך כלל במחירים של 10-15 ש"ח לבקבוק. יש להם המון צבעים מהממים, תלכו לראות!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

NOTD: Metallic mishmash

This NOTD was created using a mishmash of techniques which I could never properly hope to recreate. Unfortunately I don't remember exactly which polishes I used either, so the whole thing is a mystery! I do know that some of the techniques I used included the Brush Stroke technique by Chalkboard Nails, and the Saran Wrap technique by I don't even know anymore (the first time I saw it was by sprinklenails on Instagram but it has probably been around for longer than that)

Saturday, June 13, 2015

NOTD: Holo stamping over brown

You know, I didn't used to be a fan of brown nails (is that gramattically correct? I can't think of a better way to phrase it but it feels off for some reason). But then I discovered the world of brown shimmer. Take, for example, Mud Slide by Superficially colorful- a gorgeous, rich, earthy brown that I love having on my fingertips as often as possible. For this mani I stamped over it with some holos and added some rhinestones, to complete the jewel-like effect I get from this color.

Colors used:
Superficially Colorful- Mud Slide (brown)
Color Club Halo Hues- Cherubic (stamping)
Color Club Halo Hues- Cosmic Fate (accent dots)
Rhinestones from Ebay

Monday, June 8, 2015

NOTD: Galaxy nails

You know what? Every now and again you gotta do galaxy nails. I think it's just a rule of being a nail artist. This is still from my backlog, so this is ages ago and I couldn't tell you exactly which polishes I used. The only thing I remember for sure is that instead of my usual black base, I used Golden Rose Color Expert 59, an intense purple that's just a shade away from off-black. It's still distinctly purple in all lights but it has an incredible amount of depth. You can't directly tell in the finished manicure, but I do think it added some indescribable something to the mani.

Yes, I realize that these are four nearly-identical photos. Shoot me, I'm proud of my work :D
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