Tuesday, July 3, 2012

WOW Cosmetics

I think this is an appropriate subject for my "triumphant" return to swatch posts, as in "Wow, it's been ages since you did a swatch post!"

Well yeah, it has. I don't really have any excuses either. I know I'm going to have to retake a large number of my swatch photos- looking back at them over two months later, I'm not really happy with any of them. The ones from WOW are ok, hence this post now.

So here's the deal with WOW cosmetics: They're a domestic brand, and they have some really affordable cosmetics, plus their spread of polish colors is interesting. They don't have a ton of colors yet, but from what I've seen I like what they have.

I have three for you today:

Click the jump for close-ups and reviews!

WOW 304:



Indoors + flash

This color is a frosty blue-leaning teal. I really love it- it was opaque in two coats, although it's best to use three in case of an attack of sudden harsh lighting. Considering how heavy the frost finish is on this color, it's surprisingly not brushstroke-y at all. This is a bright, cheerful color- a good summer compromise for those of us unable to wear the typical oranges and hot pinks *coughcough*

WOW 401:

Sunlight angle 1

Sunlight angle 2
Indoors + flash

This is a ballerina color. It's a dense pale peach microglitter. It's very warm though, it teeters on the edge of pink. The finish is slightly frosty, but it's really more of a microglitter. It was worryingly streaky with one coat, but pretty much opaque with two. I did a third coat on some fingers to make up for bald patches. This is a great color for French tips.

WOW 315:

Indoors + flash

(Sorry about the dent on my ring finger and the lack of a shade picture!)
This is a rich, saturated grape colored frost. It's very complementary to 304, and I have in fact done nail art with the two of them before. This takes 2-3 coats,  like 401. I like that this is conservative enough to wear to work, but interesting enough to go out with too. The frost has some pink and some multicolored particles, but the overall effect is fairly cool toned. This isn't the most unique color out there, but it's a good staple for most collections. Of all three polishes, this one has the smoothest finish.

General notes:

All of these colors dry slightly matte. It's worth using a topcoat to add an extra bit of oomph to them, or a matte coat, since if you're going matte you might as well go all the way!

Overall I'm really impressed with all of the WOW products I have, I'd recommend them for someone looking for affordable cosmetic alternatives! 

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