Tuesday, August 14, 2012

NOTD: Water marble, Loki edition!

So like nearly everyone else on the internet these days, I've been fangirling like a boss over The Avengers, specifically over Loki. Well, specifically over Tom Hiddleston. If you'll allow me a hipster moment, I have kind of always had a thing for movie villains*, so I guess this is pretty predictable for me!

*Before you ask, Usrula is my favorite Disney villian. The Little Mermaid isn't specifically my favorite Disney film overall, but Ursula is just the best ever :D I'll probably do nails inspired by her some day.

Also, I've always been a Slytherin at heart, so even though Slytherin is green and silver, I do love me that green-gold motif. I'll probably do a lot of green-gold nail art and jewelry over time.

On to pictures!

Left hand shade
More pictures under the jump

Left hand sunlight

Right hand shade

Right hand sunlight
Sorry about the blurriness of the right hand pictures, the camera I have isn't great for being held with the left hand. Doesn't help that it's a camcorder, still images aren't it's strong point :)

I'm holding the polishes I used in the two pictures, but here are the names:

  • Chic Metalix Citrine Gold
  • Beauty Care 57
I've swatched the Chic polish before, and Beauty Care is another domestic brand that I shall have swatches of someday. Interestingly, the green is actually much darker, but it came out light because it was spread thin from the marbling.

I'm keeping my nubs for a while, hopefully I'll find a lot more fun stuff to do with them before I let them grow out!


  1. Your manicure came out so well, hehe, and you know I'm a greeeen fieeeend, so I'm loving this look on you! :)

    1. Thank you! :D Water marbling was actually the first art I ever did, so it's very near and dear.


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