Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Upcoming swatches + Konadlicious giveaway

Hi everyone!

First order of business: I have the next few days off because of a national holiday, so I finally have time to do swatches! Hopefully over today and tomorrow I'm going to take enough swatch photos for a good 6-7 entries at least, and we can finally get this party started. Who knows, I might even get the first entry up today! I've also been working on some new jewelry lately, so I'm going to get pictures of those up, I hope.

Second order of business: Konadlicious is doing a giveaway! She's another blogger who combines polish with other interests, in her case vintage clothing. I'm fairly bohemian in my own fashion choices, but I LOVE what she wears. Also when I want to get dressed up, I usually end up gravitating towards more vintage styles, so I love looking to her for ideas.

So an announcement to the echo-y silence that is my following: Go check out her amazing, AMAZING giveaway! It's over here.

See you soon! (should that be my official sign-off? Should I HAVE an official sign-off? Does asking this as I'm signing off make me sound silly?)

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