Wednesday, May 28, 2014

NOTD: Something Old, Something New

I'm participating in an Israeli beauty blogger's challenge, where we get abstract concepts and we have to make a post that relates to it. The first time it was a painting (which I missed), the second time was on the theme "Collections", and this round is "Time"

I could have done a TARDIS. I seriously considered it, even. But honestly I've done TARDIS nails a number of times before so I decided that this time I'd try something a little different:

I still have the very, very first polish I ever got- fourteen years ago. And it's still as good as new! I was twelve years old, and I'd been begging my mother to let me wear nail polish for a while- she said she'd think about it. Then one day I came home from school and she came over to me and said "I have a kiss for you" and pressed a nail polish gently to my cheek, and then she said "I have another kiss for you" and pressed another bottle to my other cheek. They were both by the brand Kiss Cosmetics, which I believe no longer has a core polish line (although they sell gels and nail art polish).

I have the oddest deja vu about this post- have I told this story before? I've checked through my recent posts and don't see anything about it, but let me know if I've mentioned this before.

Anyway, one of the polishes got lost a long time ago, but the other- a sheer pearly pink topper called Cotton Candy- that I still have. (shown here over Chic My Secret, which is a pale rosy peach)

As to the "new"- since I was using my very oldest polish in this NOTD, I decided to also make something completely brand new. I printed out water decals of sheet music for an old favorite song of mine, and when they were less than an hour old I applied them on top.

I wish I'd taken sunlight pictures of this, but the sun refused to cooperate with my work schedule.

To see the rest of the bloggers participating in this challenge, check out the widget!

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