Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I forgot about WOW!

Man, I knew there was something missing when I posted the giveaway. Turns out I forgot an important Israeli brand for my giveaway- WOW Cosmetics! So here they are. There are only four days left to enter the giveaway, so make sure you head right over there after this and enter!

WOW 368

This is a fun little mix of large and small purple and white matte hexes. Not much to say about it except that it's got a good payoff and applies evenly- shown here as one coat over white and black.

WOW 317

This is exactly the same as 368, except with mint green hexes instead of purple. The collection also came with a red version and a pink version, but I liked these two best.

Also, remember how I promised to upload better swatches of some of the prizes? Well here they are:

Chic Fun Fun Fun

Careline Peach Sorbet

1 comment:

  1. I own 3 out of 4 polishes in your post :)
    The 2 glitter by wow which are so cute!!!!! and that green shade by chic ! ^_^


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