Friday, September 26, 2014

31DC2014 Day 26- Inspired by a pattern

I took today's inspiration from a very personal place. For my 20th birthday, my dad got me two strings of beautiful pearls- one freshwater and one saltwater- during a business trip he took to Beijing. I've worn both strands of pearls many times since. Today's art is inspired by the little satchel he brought me the pearls in- a beautiful burgundy color embroidered with elaborate gold and cushioned on the inside to keep the pearls safe. In the nearly  decade since the satchel has gotten a little frayed, but it still is very dear to me. Since I queued the posts for the high holidays in advance, I will no longer have this art on by the time this post propagates, but there's a high likelihood that I'm wearing one of the strings of pearls :)

(I couldn't find an exact match to the burgundy, so this is my closest  shade!)

I'd also like to note that this post officially means that I've gotten further in 31DC than last year, woo!

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