Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31DC2014 Day 31- Honor nails you love

I DID IT I DID IT I DID IT I DID IT! I got through the challenge this year, woo!

As of posting this, I'm back to tiny nubbins, because my middle finger nail has broken off. It's been broken for about a week now, but it was partially still attached so I held it together with glue for the homestretch. Once this mani came off, I decided to let it rest in peace (peices? shhh). So now I'll have nubs for a while. Ah well!

Today I decided to take inspiration from Polish All The Nails and her amaaazing glitter placement skills. I can't say I did it justice, but I didn't do  half bad! I'm especially proud of my middle finger here. Can you believe that just this hand took me over an hour?? I don't think I will be doing a full hand again any time soon, and I am in even greater awe of Laura for doing this on a regular basis.

After today I think I'm gonna go back over all the inlinkz from this challenge and check out a bunch of blogs. I've been so busy with the challenge that I've really only been checking out 2-3 new posts per day, so now I'm gonna go archive diving and make up for that!

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  1. I know wheat you mean - this challenge can leave you with little time when you juggle a number of things already in the days, I'll have to catch up on posts too. And glitter placement.can be so time consuming but they turned out well. Great colours.


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