Monday, December 7, 2015

NOTD: Hanukkah nails! (2/?)

Hello again and happy ongoing holiday! Today I made dreidel inspired nails, I painted each of the letters of the dreidel in acrylic paint over a brown/beige watermarble that is meant to evoke the look of a wood grain.

For reference, here is a dreidel:

The letters on the dreidel are as follows:

  • נ (nun)- this stands for the word נס (nes), which means "miracle"
  • ג (gimmel)- this stands for the word גדול (gadol), which means "great" or "big"
  • ה (heh/hey)- this stands for the word היה (hayah), which means "occured" or "happened"
  • ש\פ (shin or pey) which either stand for שם (sham), which means "there" or פה (po), which means "here". The usage of ש vs פ depends on whether you are celebrating inside or outside Israel,

Together, they stand for the prase "A great miracle occured here/there"

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