Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm starting a second blog?

I moved back in with my parents about four months ago in order to homeschool my little brother. In that time, I haven't been able to find a regular hour-by-hour job, because of the nature of what I do at home. Theoretically, I could start working the night shift at a restaurant or a cafe (I haven't entirely ruled it out yet), but what I'd really love to do is make a living doing what I do best- creating.

I have two main creative outlets- my music and my jewelery. Mainly I am a musician- I have partially completed a B.A. in music and teaching, and I play several instruments, with a focus on harp. At the moment my degree is on hold because of my little brother (henceforward LB), but I'd originally hoped that I could make money by giving harp lessons and playing at weddings and such. So far, that hasn't really panned. I'm giving one lesson a week at a reduced rate to my sister's friend, but other than that... I'm not quite sure how to advertise myself, although I recently ordered business cards, and maybe that'll help.

Recently, I tried out a new form of beading in order to make a lightweight birthday present for a friend of mine (shipping overseas is much easier in an envelope!). That started me thinking- I'd seen jewelery very similar to what I'd made sold in stores for much more than it cost me to make it. Why couldn't I start selling too? I've toyed with the idea in the past, but I never really put that much effort into it before, I always got distracted because I was too busy with studies, or my hourly job, or whatever I was busy with. Well, I'm finally not "too busy", so no time like the present.

But how to tell people about myself? I can put things in online stores all I want, but nothing will come of it if people don't know that I exist. The solution: a blog. I already have one, but this one will be entirely dedicated to both of my artistic loves, and to displaying my crafts to the world (hopefully), and occasionally boring you to death by rambling about those crafts. *ahem*

So why Fedora Harp? Simple. My harp lives in my room, and my fedora hat lives on my harp. I never take the hat off the harp because it's too big on me, and they seem to be peacefully coexisting, so why not leave it?

Hopefully tonight I will post some pictures of jewelery that I've already made. Those of you that know me from Facebook will recognize some of the pictures, but not all of them.

See you!

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