Friday, May 18, 2012

NOTD: Crackle + glitter + turquoise = gorgeous!

Hi everyone!

I've been neglectful lately both of my nail art and my blog here. But I have a fun NOTD to share with you today!

Remember a while back how I promised that Perfect Chic Peacock would look awesome under a black crackle? Well it does!


More about this under the jump:

The crackle I used is from a German brand called P2, generously given to me by my friend Maria who came to visit last week. She brought me a whole bunch of other polishes and I plan to swatch them over time. This crackle is called "Black Explosion". Black Explosion dries weirdly matte. I think that's kind of unnecessary, since it's hard to wear a crackle without a topcoat- but I'm not complaining! The end result is really nice. It goes on smoothly and the cracks are dramatic.

For my accent nail I did a jelly sandwich with Peacock and Essence's "Glorious Aquarius", which is quite an apt name. It's a super dense glitter suspended in a clear base which is mainly blue-green, some microglitter mixed with some larger hexagonal glitter, with flashes of bright orange, red, and yellow. It really does give a very ocean-y feel. Essence is also a German brand, but I believe they market all over Europe. I have a few other Essence glitters and they are all really pretty!

This is actually the manicure after five days of wear, it holds out really nicely. As of writing this post I've removed it and I plan to marble later. Turns out the Chic Metalix line is fantastic for marbling! (I lied... I'm not up for the hassle of marbling. Doing a simple design for now)

In other news: I'm gradually easing my nails towards a more square shape, although I'm keeping the soft edges. I'm trying to do it without losing too much length. Right now my nails are longer than they've ever been, and I'm trying to get used to them like this because I want to keep them like this forever! This is as long as I'll go there. If you look at my accent nail, you'll see I'm growing out a pretty big chip, but it blends in OK as long as I'm not going to take super-close-ups of it (oh... XD)

As to why I  haven't done any jewelry posts lately? I've been really busy! I have a bunch of orders of this design to fill, and I haven't had time to make new stuff. I even bought some supplies, but it wasn't worth a haul picture because it was just basics- findings, chains, etc. Hopefully I'll have some new designs to share soon though!

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