Saturday, January 26, 2013

NOTD: Dotticure!

Hey everyone! I did a dot manicure on Friday, and managed to capture some pretty decent sunlight pics, too!

My nails are pretty short (I'm maintaining them as semi-nubs for now), so there wasn't much room, and I only have one dotting too size. Still, I'm really pleased with how this turned out! It's much prettier in real life. I debated wearing this with a matte topcoat, but I decided I prefer it shiny. Maybe in a few days I'll mattify it for variety! (That's right! I said a few days, I'm not going to take it off unless it chips off, because I really love it!)

Colors used:
WOW cosmetics 366 (magenta base and contrasting dots)
WOW Cosmetics 438 (turquoise base and contrasting dots)
WOW Cosmetics 304 (metallic teal dots)
WOW Cosmetics 315 (metallic purple dots)
Chic Metalix Peacock (microglitter turquoise dots)
Chic Metalix Hot Purple (microglitter magenta dots)

I did two posts in a row today, so don't forget to also check out my vlog post!


  1. Cuteness! I like the color palette!

    1. Thank you! This particular contrast is a favorite of mine.


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