Monday, January 7, 2013

NOTD: I have a crappy camera edition

So unfortunately, there was neither sunlight nor a HQ camera for me in the end, so no high quality photos for me today :( Still, I liked this mani so much that I decided to share it, blurry pic or not!

I achieved this look using striping tape.
Polishes used:
Perfect Chic- Base coat
WOW Cosmetics- 434 (which, for the record, is a black jelly with a teal shimmer, but my camera couldn't capture it so it just looks like a dull black)
Chic Metalix- Peacock
Chic Metalix- Citrine Gold
Chic Metalix- Hot Fuchsia
Color Club- Wild At Heart
Seche Vite top coat

Unfortunately, this picture doen't show how amazing and sparkly this was, in reality it looked like a stained glass window. All of the polishes involved are glass fleck jellies. Still, I will probably recreate this look one day (perhaps on all five fingers!) and I will do my damndest to have good photos of it next time.

Bonus picture: My friend Han came over today, and she had adorable Finding Nemo nails! I grabbed a quick photo of her thumb (same quality, unfortunately), to show off my favorite nail- Dory!

Han's comment: Dory looks really crazed in this picture...
Better camera luck next time!

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