Saturday, January 5, 2013

Quick post for the weekend

I have really awesome nails right now, but again with the mediocre-at-stills camera situation. Plus it's been raining here like there's no tomorrow, so I can't take proper daylight pictures. I've grabbed an indoor light picture, but it's not that great. If by some miracle my mani survive's tomorrow's 10 hour shift, I'll be able to get a daylight image on Monday morning. If not, I'll post what I have, crappy quality or not!

In the meantime have a gif of a cute kitten.

ETA: It lasted the day, and my friend is bringing her HQ camera when she comes to visit tomorrow so there may be actual photos taken! Now all that remains to be seen is if there's any sun (doubtful).

1 comment:

  1. Random:
    If you haven't seen the short movie this kitten is from (Kimi to boku), DO IT! <3


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