Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Introducing: Jewelry Wednesday!

Hey, remember when this was gonna be a jewelry and nail art blog? Anybody? No?

Well, it was. If you look way back at my posts from 2010, you can even see a couple of my early posts are about jewelry. The thing is, lately I've been letting my jewelry hobby fall by the wayside, which is a damn shame. So I'm hoping to remedy this by incorporating a special jewelry day every week. I plan to post a photo of something I'm working on/made recently/want to highlight.

Today I want to talk about my jewelry history: I can't even remember how long ago I stared making jewelry, it would have to be at least since I graduated high school. Even before then, my mom got me a bead loom some time in my early teens, and I used it avidly for years. I still occasionally dig it up and play around with it. I may eventually incorporate bead loom jewelry into my store.

In eleventh grade my class had a Purim fair for charity. That was when I discovered my "jewelry hub"- a couple of blocks in Tel Aviv that are simply packed with jewelry supply stores. A friend and I had been put in charge of a jewelry booth, and we went around from store to store asking them if they had any items they wanted to discard or discontinue and would give us for free. It yielded a surprising amount of material, albeit of questionable quality. But still, we weren't trying to make Chanel jewelry, just some cute costume pieces to make a couple of bucks for charity.

When we got back to school, we sat on the floor of my dorm room and just played around with beads and wire all night. By morning, I was hooked.

I didn't really start making higher quality stuff until I graduated, at which point I went out and bought some pliers, wire, and crimping beads and went to town.

One of my first designs was the pomegranate charm necklace that I put at the top of the entry- to date it's still my most popular item.

This entry is getting pretty long already, so I'm going to tie it up here- more next week!

For any curious- links to my shop are on the top and on the right hand sidebar.

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