Sunday, April 20, 2014

Jewelry: My collection

I'm participating in an Israeli blogger's challenge, and this round's theme is "Collection". Since there are a lot of beauty bloggers participating, I've decided to eschew the obvious choice of my nail polish stash, and talk about something else.

This is not all of my collection, but this is the part that sparks my creative juices: the decorative elements. I do have some other decorative elements squirreled away elsewhere, but these- the crystal and glass and semiprecious beads- these are my muse. I can stare at a box of beads for a few minutes and be inspired to a new project. I love my beads.

I've actually been collecting these for about ten years!

These two were my first ever sorters- the second one is a little jumbled, but these have been with me for so long I can't even remember where half of it came from. This is from back when I mostly used plastic, and glass beads were a rare treat.

This one is my main work box- it's got my most commonly used elements in it, as well as jump rings and crimping beads and such.

I actually took these photos in my brand new light box! I'm still figuring out the best way to use it, but I like these better than they would have come out otherwise.

And since it's a roughly cat sized box, Simon came to visit of course:

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