Saturday, April 19, 2014

Convention! Passover 2014

Man, I keep forgetting to make convention posts. I've been doing them twice a year for three years now, but I've only made one post! Well, here's to a better job in the future.

Unfortunately, this con was fairly underwhelming for me, I had almost no customers. I'd been all excited too, since this year I made a whole bunch of nail decals to speed things up! I mean, I love hand drawn as much as the next person, but when you're at a sci fi convention you're not going to sit for forty minutes while your nails get done. Better a quick base coat and a cool decal or ten.

So here are a couple of clients:

Galaxy nails

Avatar (the last airbender) nails
Avatar nails part 2

Companion cube

Portal nails

Batman nails

Devil's trap (Supernatural) nails

And since I had a lot of down time, I did my own nails too. The white stamping polish smeared a little, but I still like how they came out:

I didn't photograph a lot of cosplays, but a friend of mine dressed up as a character from Death Note (I don't know which since I haven't watched it) 

And I did manage to photograph one cosplay (there were lots of really good ones), this was an amaaaaaaaaazing amazing amazing Winter Soldier- seriously, I'm putting it on the largest size, check out the intricacy on that arm! And the kid who made it is 16. I predict that he'll go places.

And finally, I didn't buy much but I did pick up some Tokidoki figurines:

I got two Spidermans- luck of the draw, I guess! Sadly, I didn't get more Avengers, only Captain America. But look how cute he is with his little hamburger and his skateboard!

For the record, these little fellas measure 4cm high.

Anyway, that's it for this time, hopefully next convention will be more productive. Reminder: Don't forget to enter my giveaway!


  1. Nail decals were a great idea, sorry it was slow! Great galaxy nails too.

    The Winter Soldier costume is impressive.

    We can't figure out why Cap has a hamburger and skateboard. :D

    1. I dunno why Cap has a hamburger and a skateboard honestly, he was the only one with props. But it's adorable so I don't care! :D

  2. The galaxy mani is really pretty!

    1. Thanks! I haven't done one on myself in a while, I really should


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