Tuesday, June 25, 2013

NOTD: It's a hard nub life

Ah nubs, I haven't had them in months. I have kind of forgotten how to deal with them. I had a great optical illusion art planned, but I'd need a little more space for them.

On the bright side, I can wear colors plain without feeling like I'm wasting an opportunity, so silver lining!

Today I decided to do holo skittles- I've swatched  some of this collection before, but they were poorly photographed and didn't really capture the color all that well. So here is my new semi-swatch, mostly NOTD post:

Pretty sure I managed to capture the holo a little better this time. They look a little more linear than scattered in person, but you can see the way they basically explode into rainbows in the sun! These aren't the strongest holos I've ever seen, but I really like that they show up holo even indoors- something that their stronger cousins don't always manage.

I'm pretty sure that the polishes have some generic names like "Lilac" and "Strawberry", but it doesn't say so on the bottle so I'm going to just list their numbers:

Thumb- #35
Index- #34
Middle- #32
Ring- #39
Pinky- #38

I realize that I cheated a little by using taupe instead of yellow or gold, but it's a fairly unobtrusive transgression in person.

The wear on them is decent, mild tipwear after three days, and I'm sure if I didn't change my polish obsessively I could probably get these to last out a week without any significant chipping. The formula is fantastic- two thin coats for full blingy opacity, and they applied like a dream! They don't need any kind of special base or top coat to pop, although in general a topcoat is better because they dry slightly matte.

Pupa is an Italian brand that is also available in Israeli pharmacies. They're more expensive than I usually buy- mini sized but priced as a mid-range full size bottle. Still, occasionally I succumb to the Pupa pretties.

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