Friday, June 14, 2013

NOTD: Blue to green glitter gradient

Aw, darn. I had such a great streak going- two or three posts a week! And then I let it slip. I have been trying to make a swatch post, but since those are much longer, I keep procrastinating. In the meantime, have my latest NOTD:

Colors used:
Chic Metalix- Green Olive (905)
Chic Metalix- Peacock (906)
Chic Metalix- Smashing Blue (907)
Wow Cosmetics 350- (white cream base)

I don't think I will ever stop loving this particular collection. It's been out for more than a year, and I still find myself coming back to these colors again and again. They're not all identical- here, for example, Peacock and Smashing Blue are silver particles in a colored jelly base, while Green Olive is a clear base with the particles themselves being green (that's why it's so much more sheer). But they all complement each other really well, and they're vibrant, easy to work with, and don't stain. Basically, the polish jackpot.

I will try not to take accidental two-week hiatuses in the future!

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