Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jewelry Wednesday: Hila Benyamin (+NOTD)

Today I am actually showcasing someone else's jewelry! Which works out well, since I didn't really have time to make any jewelry this week.

A little while ago, I was invited to take part in a little beauty blogger event in Israel- around ten of us went to Tel Aviv on a Friday morning and got to model some lovely handcrafted jewelry by indie designer Hila Binyamin (Link to her Etsy and Facebook). It worked out quite well for me, since I got to have professional photos taken and I got a gold necklace out of it!

There were a lot of really nice photos, but I'm gonna try not to go overboard. One way or another, there is a lot of me in this post.

Since this is a pretty image-heavy post, I'm putting the rest of it under a cut. It's not ALL pictures of my face, I promise!

(I made this one my Facebook profile picture)

(Of course one with me showing off my nails! It's kinda hard to sneak nails into a headshot though)
Another blogger I met (Shirli from GlamGuru) was kind enough to take some behind-the-scenes photos while the photoshoot was happening, and although they're lower quality I like some of those too!

So I learned some valuable lessons from this photoshoot:

One, if I ever want to do modeling again, I really need to practice poses. So many of the other bloggers were so versatile- they posed their hands and their bodies in all different ways that looked artistic and still managed to draw attention to the jewelry. I could basically just stare off in different directions and hope that the photographer made me look good!

Two, I need to practice smiling for photos. I'm terrifyingly unphotogenic most of the time, although I have to admit I like these photos. But I'm terrible in candids! So I should probably figure out a little more about what various expressions feel like from the inside so I can have better control over my face. My hands are very good at posing, but I never gave my face much thought.

Three, I'm actually pretty darn good at makeup! I never really considered it, but I've been peripherally interested in makeup for years, and over time I've accumulated a pretty good awareness of what works with my face shape and skin tone. And what actually stays on all day. I am not uncomfortable out of makeup- I see it as a pleasant possibility, not a need. But it's nice to know I'm kinda good at something. Here is a before/after makeup photo (I'm honestly not ashamed of my bare face. I'm comfortable with the way I look- just not the way I photograph!)

(I realize it looks like I did a shoddy blending job on the photo's left- but that's just the lighting, I promise. Look at the no makeup photo, see how it has the same weird white spot?)

And of course, since I promised an NOTD, here is one!

Colors used:
Ga-de- Hypnotic Red
Ga-de- Gold Gamour
Konad- Black stamping polish

Here are all the proper credits for this post:

Hila Benjamin - Jewelry designer - Facebook - Etsy - Website - MyStores site - Pinterest
Sharon - Organizer - Blog
Osnat Perelman - Photographer - (no link provided, but the search term she requested we use is "Osnat Perelshtein Dinga Pet Pix")

Other bloggers who participated:

It could be cool if maybe we made an Inlinkz linkup- I may edit it in later and then there will be an easier way for us to connect!


  1. Beautiful photos! You look great!!
    Which stamping plate did you use? I really like it :)

    1. I can't remember off the top of my head, but it's not bundlemonster or bornprettystore or konad... I'll look it up when I get home though!


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