Monday, February 24, 2014

NOTD: Ruffians and Rhinestones

AAAAAAAAAACK it has been over a week since I posted! Fail! I'm not going to try to translate this, for the same reason I haven't been posting- I've been overworked and exhausted, and something had to give. Hopefully I'll be able to pick up a bit more this week.

This is actually an "emergency backup" mani- I wore this a good while ago, but hadn't had the opportunity to post it. Since I don't have anything to post right now, here it is! I've actually got three large-scale posts in progress- all three things I've never really done on this blog before, and while working on them I let my regular ol' nail art slip a bit.

Polishes used:
Chic Metalix- Citrine Gold
Chic Metalix- Peacock
BornPrettyStore Matte topcoat


  1. you know whats better than sparkly teal polish? MATTE teal polish! i keep wanting to matte everything. but then it chips in a day and i refuse. ANYWAY this looks awesome.

    1. Aw you should get a different matte topcoat then! I can usually make my matte manis last for as much as four days, although sometimes i have to re-matteify it (it gets dull after a while). Which one do you use?


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