Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Review: Laline Face

Laline is an Israeli bath and body company that I have a serious weakness for. They make all kinds of creams, scrubs, bath bombs, oils, and so on and so forth, and they smell really good. I have a hard time going past one of their stores without going in.

Recently they added a line of facial products, which are based on chamomile and cucumber, and of course smell wonderful. I couldn't resist buying a few of them to try out. Also, this may be some of the best photography (of cosmetics stuff) I've ever done!

(Note: These products were bought with my own money at my own discretion, and I was not asked or paid to make this post. I'm doing this because I feel like it)

I bought four products, from left to right: "Hot mama" thermal face mask, "Face it" foaming facial cleanser, "After hours" overnight moisturizer, and "Serum Supreme" facial serum.

 Since this is pretty photo heavy, the reviews themselves go under a cut.
Serum Supreme Facial serum:

This is the product that I've been using for the longest and the most regularly, and I am in love with it. You need to use really only a tiny bit to get good results (the bottle is showing about two weeks' use). I apply it in the morning before I put on my makeup. I know it's not specifically for that purpose, but my makeup stays put without fading for my entire work day. And when I remove it when I get home, my face still feels fresh and soft, like I've just woken up. Also, after prolonged nearly-daily use, I can say that there is a definite improvement in my skin. It feels healthier and stronger overall.

Face It foaming facial cleanser:

I like this because while it is light and foamy, it still feels substantial. It doesn't melt away the second it touches your skin, meaning you have what to work with while you're washing your face. It doesn't cling though- it rinses off very easily. This was the only product that was not in a glass container, but even so the plastic feels very sturdy and good quality. I generally use this in the morning, since it's quite refreshing.

After Hours Overnight Moisturizer:

To be quite honest, I don't know enough about facial moisturizers to really be able to give a detailed opinion on this one. I often forget to apply moisturizer before going to bed anyway. I can say that I enjoyed applying this- it felt nice on my skin and on my fingers, very buttery but not greasy. Overnight it feels nice and hydrating, not overly obtrusive. I sometimes find that in the morning I do feel a little bit greasy, but that could just be that I'm applying too much or not rubbing it in well enough. And once I wash my face there's no grease left over.

Hot Mama thermal face mask.

This was the first time I'd ever tried a thermal mask, so I had no idea what to expect. It worked as advertised- I applied it to my face in small circular motions, and it did indeed heat up! I don't know what magic makes that happen but that's pretty cool. It didn't get very warm, but it was definitely noticeable, and it stayed slightly warm for about ten minutes. It has a sticky, honey-like texture, so I expected it to be a nightmare to wash off. It actually washed off quite easily- I didn't even need to use soap, it came right off with water. After removing it my skin felt quite lovely, soft but not fragile feeling. This one smelled a little bit more candy-like than the other products in the line. Silly aside, I got a bit in my mouth by mistake and while it didn't taste good at all, there's definitely sweet in there.

Both glass jars came with an embossed lid:

Overall I think this is a very good line of products, and they smell INCREDIBLE. The cucumber must be the reason, but they have a very melon-y scent- not an artificial scent at all, but rather like someone just sliced open a fresh honeydew. That alone is worth buying the products for. When I run out of my current exfoliating scrub I'm going to give that a try too, and maybe their eye cream. I don't think I'm going to bother with the daytime moisturizer, since my skin is naturally fairly oily the serum alone does just fine. Besides for Israel, Laline has two branches in San Fransisco, and they also sell online.

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