Wednesday, May 29, 2013

NOTD: Franken gradient

I learned something new today- apparently I should never take pictures in my yard. I took a few photos at work today, and they came out much nicer in terms of color. My landlord painted the walls around the yard (yes, WALLS) yellow, which apparently reflects onto my hands a whole lot more than I thought! No more yard photos for me!

Colors used:
My frankens- Autodidact
Maybeline Colorama 135
My franekns- Osmia Avosetta

The glitter at the tips was actually a happy accident- I didn't add Osmia Avosetta until a day later, when I decided the original gradient wasn't as impressive as I wanted. I forgot to dampen the sponge first, so a lot of polish got absorbed into it, while the glitter sat on top. So I only got some color, but I got all of the glitter! This is actually a method I'm considering trying later.

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