Monday, January 6, 2014

Guest post at Flight of Whimsy!

Hey guys! I put together a guest post for Eva from Flight of Whimsy a while back for when she was going to be abroad, and it just made it's way through her queue! Go check it out :)

Back over here, I want to tell you about a funny thing that happened while I was making the post.

See, since Eva is coming here to Israel, I decided to use the guest post opportunity to showcase some of my favorite Israeli polish brands. That means bottle shots, which I don't do very often. See, I don't really have a lightbox per se. I have a lamp and my harp stool with a piece of black cloth draped over it. Most of the time that works just fine for nail shots, but for bottle shots it's a little more complicated.

My cat makes it complicated.

I think Simon (my cat) might have a burrowing rodent somewhere in his ancestry. You see, any time there is an opportunity for him to hide under something, he runs towards it. Usually he ignores my lighting setup because it's on the floor, but when I moved it to my bed to get a better angle on the bottle shots, this happened:

(please excuse the mess on my bed! If I'd known the bed itself would end up in a post I'd have tidied it up a bit...)

Which meant that any time I tried to place polishes in any kind of neat formation, the little bugger stuck his paw out from under the cloth and knocked them over! I eventually got a decent enough shot of the bottles, but man, who knew having a cat would affect my blogging this much? :P


  1. eeee hehehehehehe. but you never have cat hair on your nails! I'm very impressed.

    1. :D You'd be less impressed if you saw how much cat hair is on my clothes most of the time!


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