Monday, November 24, 2014

Review: BPS teardrop rhinestones and BATS!!!

Hello all! Today I'm posting the final two products I recieved for review in my recent nail mail from the Born Pretty Store. To those just joining us now, the BPS is a great source of a huge selection of affordable beauty products, with free worldwide shipping. They have a particularly robust nail art selection, from which they sent me a number of lovely items to review.

The first item is a wheel of teardrop shaped pastel rhinestones. They were a lot bigger than I expected, but I managed to work them into some nail art!

Because of their size, I recommend using nail glue to fasten these, rather than just wet polish and sealing them in with top coat. I also recommend using them over a light base, when I tried them out over black they kind of got washed out and the different colors all looked the same. Still, these have a lovely pearly finish and can make a great accent to a delicate manicure. These can be purchased here

The second item is the thing I was most looking forward to receiving of all of the items- BATS! I love, love, love bats. I don't know what it is about them, but they are my favorite animal, Most people would want bats as a Halloween aesthetic, but honestly I'm happy to wear them all year round!

Once again, I recommend using nail art glue for these, because they are rigid and a little thick for normal nail art glitter. But it is absOLUTELY WORTH IT. They are mainly white with an iridescent pink/teal coating, and they are very sharply detailed. You'll probably see a lot of bats in my upcoming nail art :D The bats can be purchased in a variety of colors here.

If you purchase from the Born Pretty Store, I invite you to use my 10% off code:

Thank you for reading!

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