Friday, May 17, 2013

NOTD: Water Marble 2.0

I used to water marble a whole lot more. For some reason, my first ever attempt at marbling came out nearly perfect, and then after that I could never quite recreate my success. Beginners luck,  perhaps? Besides, once I started getting better at other kind of art, I started feeling like marbling wasn't worth the hassle.

For the record, it totally is.

This was an interesting experiment for me, and it started by accident. I was marbling with silver and blue, and the silver was an extremely eager polish- it spread out like crazy, squashing the blue down to nothing. So I decided to break the rules of marbling- I double dipped. In some cases, I even triple dipped. And I loved the results!

It's so much easier this way, because you can afford to be sloppy and it won't ruin anything at all.

Colors used:
Silver- Revlon Sterling
Blue in marble- Cult Nails Time Traveler (which, for the record, marbles just fine, but Sterling overpowers it)
Blue on non-marbled nails- Maybelline Colorama 80

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