Tuesday, January 21, 2014

NOTD: First day of work

So! Starting a new job at a really professional company, being their youngest employee, I should make my entrance with something simple and mature, right?


Polishes used:
WOW Cosmetics- 304 (teal base)
Maybelline Colorama- 135 (purple base)
Glitterbunny- Don't Be Such a Guppy (glitter topper)

I actually got a work phone, and all of the photos have been taken with it. This camera is EXCELLENT! My previous camera was pretty decent, but the lighting had to be exactly perfect and you had to adjust the zoom a bunch of times. Here I can get the same results with much less hassle, which means I'm free to take pictures over the course of the day! Hooray!

I have more to write about, but it's pretty late here and I'm going to sleep. I do, however, have my next two posts planned out, so I hope you enjoy them!


  1. Love it! Not sure what kind of work environment you have (mine doesnt care about nails, and thankfully also doesn't make us wear business casual or suits or anything), but I hope they liked it too! :)

    1. Well I work in an office, but there isn't really a formal dress code and mostly people gravitate towards casual (jeans, polo shirts, and sneakers are all perfectly acceptable) although there are a few people who amp it up a bit :D That seems to be the standard for companies in my country, actually! I've only encountered one or two places that actually required business casual or formal.


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