Monday, September 2, 2013

31DC2013 Day 2- Orange nails!

Yesterday there was the Curse of the Forgotten Camera, today is the Curse of the Dead Batteries! But have no fear, I have pictures. They're not so great since I had to hurriedly snap whatever I could get, but they're pictures!

Freehand monarch butterfly wings! This is OPI Sprung layered over a generic orange, with acrylic paint for the design. I'm not overly fond of orange, but I was pretty happy with this one.

And now for Hannah's nails:

Finding Nemo nails! Modeled here with her adorable lab mix, Nemo :D

Off topic, but I'm still on the fence about watermarks. Anyone have an opinion on this? For links to the rest of the participants on day 2, hit the jump!

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