Wednesday, September 11, 2013

31DC2013 Day 11- Polka Dots

Today was interesting, because I can think of a hundred people who could make a more creative dotticure than I can, and most of them are participating in the challenge. So instead of trying to do intricate work with a dotting tool, I went huge.

I used the back of a pen to get dots of this size, but unfortunately they got somewhat smeared after I applied top coat. Still, hopefully this look is at least somewhat unusual!

And sliding into home base mere minutes before this post is scheduled to go live, Hannah's dot nails!

I'm already at work, so I can't adjust the colors or watermark them, but I'll probably edit that in later for posterity's sake Fixed! Just a bit of cropping and color adjustment :)

Hannah has also decided to try and catch up on the days she missed, so she sent me blue nails today as well, which I have to say are rather awesome. For those and also for links to the other blogs participating in today's challenge, click the jump!

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