Wednesday, September 4, 2013

31DC2013 Day 4- Green nails

Greeeeeeeeeeeeen! I've been looking forward to green. I really needed to stretch my brain for orange and yellow, since I don't like them so much on my skin, but green is easy!

In fact, it was so easy that I had too many ideas and panicked. I'm quite happy with the results, but let me tell you- too many ideas is just as bad as too few ideas!

I tried basically to do as many things as possible but still not look too busy. I like how it came out! There's gradient, there's stamping, there's glitter, something for everyone. (Everyone, of course, being me)

You know, I can never predict how a manicure can be recieved. Yesterday I had this whole delicate floral hand-painted thing going on, and no one really noticed. Today with stamps, I got compliments from half the office! And they're mostly dudes! I don't even know anymore.

Hannah nails:

I love how her photography is already improving so much. And I adore her brushstroke mani!

So here's a problem: I'm Jewish, and tonight begins the high holidays. That's three days (one being Sabbath) with no computer! So I've decided to queue up all three days in advance, that way I won't miss any. I'd left myself a bit of a buffer anyway, so that I had leeway in case I missed a day (I'm two days ahead of schedule, but I post on time). I'm gonna take that opportunity now. So as far as my blog is concerned, nothing will be missed. Unfortunately, that means no twitter or tumblr updates, so anyone who wants to see my nails will just have to be here, I guess!

To see who else is participating today, click Read more-


  1. Oh I love this stamp. I've just used it for my violet design tonight. This mani is beautiful.

    1. Cool! I'm also trying to stay a couple of days ahead (especially now that I'm gonna be offline for three days due to the High Holidays). Can't wait to see what you've done with the stamp!

      (also oh my god you commented on my post!)

  2. WOW! I love Hannah's geometric quilt design, and the shade of green you used is beautiful! :P Shana tova!


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